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Suspension Trainer


Looking for a fun way to get more strength and stability in your squat and more power in your pushups? Look no further than this suspension trainer! The Suspension Trainer is a revolutionary at-home workout system that will change the way you look and feel. With the convenience of doorways, this bodyweight system delivers results. The COREFX Suspension Trainer allows you to get in full-body workouts anywhere, anytime! The Suspension Trainer is an effective training tool, as it allows you to use your own body weight as a means of resistance, helping to improve your endurance and overall strength.



Why You Need It

The COREFX Suspension Trainer will get you the results you’ve been looking for. The Suspension Trainer helps the moderate to elite gym enthusiast efficiently build lean muscle, burn fat, strengthen their core, increase their cardio and improve their flexibility.

How It Helps

The Suspension Trainer incorporates body weight exercises, which demands more flexibility and balance in comparison to other exercises. This can help you transform your body at faster pace, resulting in extremely fast results.

What You Can Do With It

The COREFX Suspension Trainer features an adjustable design that can allow for hundreds of different compound exercises, all while progressing at your own pace. These exercises can vary from suspended push-ups, planks, squats, lunges etc.
In addition to promoting physical well-being, COREFX aims to inspire personal growth and encourage positive change.
COREFX is a fitness company that does more than create equipment. We’re a fitness community that brings you everything you need. The best way to get in shape anytime and anywhere! Order yours now!


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