Premium rubber bumper plates by Electric Fitness Co. offer commercial work-horse performance at an economy bumper plate price. These non-competition bumpers are a must have for CrossFit boxes, sports performance centers, school weight rooms and garage gyms.

Electric Fitness Co. rubber bumper plates offer a dead bounce so they stay put when dropped making training in confined areas much safer for the lifter and others around. Our bumpers are very compact, much more so than recycled crumb rubber bumpers, giving the trainee an opportunity to pack more plates on the bar for heavier training in the deadlift and other prime movers. Heavy 55 lb. bumper plates are also available for even more plate packing potential. Large molded numbers are highly visible making plate sizes and weights much easier to identify from longer distances. And IWF specs ensure training consistency and bar compatibility for all your lifts.

Our premium rubber bumpers were engineered and tested to take a beating and are molded using a carefully formulated rubber compound that offers unmatched durability allowing us to offer an industry leading warranty.

Electric Fitness Co. Rubber Bumper Plates are superior to hammertone or cast iron weight plates for many reasons, including:

  • Bumpers plates help reduce noise within your gym
  • Bumper plates protect against damage to the floor or other equipment
  • Bumper plates  protect against rust

Perform your squats, bench press and any other free-weight exercise effectively, efficiently and safely with the Electric Fitness Co. Rubber Bumper Plates