Lets be honest here – there are some really amazing bikes out there. Even if they’re not clean energy electric bicycles, they can still be eye catching, jaw dropping, and heart stopping. Here at Vintage Iron Cycles in Vancouver, we specialize in ebikes – but that doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate moving works of art.

Our goal as a company is to craft a bike that turns heads, catches eyes, and makes you feel great. These bikes that we’ve found below look amazing; some of them are electric, some are completely unique, and all of them are available (budget willing) or will be moving into production in the very near future.

Now, imagine yourself cruising the seawall on one of these, then come and see us for your next electric bicycle! (We’re on Clark Drive. We don’t bite. Promise.)

1. Engeenius Cykno

Origin: Italy

Priced in the same range as new car, this Italian beauty features a monocoque frame, front forks and 26-inch radial-spoke wheels made of carbon fibre composite, which, despite an array of electric-drive hardware, keeps weight to a not-unwieldy 57lbs. The Cykno’s leather-wrapped centre section contains a 250- or 500-watt electric motor, a lithium-polymer battery pack and an on-board charger with cable. Full charge from a standard household outlet takes four hours, and the Cykno will cruise in pedal-assist mode for a generous 37 miles – perfect for a long day of Roman roamin’.

Price: $22,000 (est)

2. GreenChamp

Origin: Singapore

Kickstarter-funded GreenChamp is a kid’s balance bike that is made from bamboo, aiming to build confidence in your child. A balance bike (or strider) is a pedal-less two-wheeler intended to teach riding skills more effectively than that traditional staple of childhood, the tricycle. Beyond such worthy considerations as sustainability and carbon footprint, the GreenChamp Original is a triumph of design. Bamboo fibres are infused with honey (yes, honey) to prevent cracking, and the tubes feature dual-wall construction for maximal rigidity.

Price: $165

3. Cyclotron

Origin: California

This is the World’s first hubless production bike with an electronic gear box & ultra lightweight space-grade carbon fiber composite frame. Packed with sensors and powered by an iPhone & Android App. The Cyclotron is the supposedly most versatile & technically advanced smart bike currently… well, almost available. With two rounds of funding, one on Kickstarter and one on Indiegogo, this bike should be available in the near future, and in a more polished finish.

Price: $1990-$4990

4. Audi Electric Bike

Origin: Germany

Audi’s concept E-bike is what you would expect when some of Europe’s most skilled auto engineers and modernist designers get together, and decide they are going to create a flagship E-bike with no expense spared. The Audi E-bike is based on custom carbon fibre wheels and a full-suspension carbon fibre frame; even the front suspension forks are custom designed for this bike. The Audi E-bike uses the same “Harmonic Drive System” as the PG Bikes Blacktrail, a highly regarded German design developed by Clean Mobile.

Price: $20,000 (est)

5. Custom Wooden Electric with NuVinci Drive

Origin: California

Recently, Gates Carbon Drive (belts) challenged 12 custom bike builders to build electric bikes using their belt drive along with 3 different e-bike systems; Bosch (with NuVinci N360 hub), SRAM, and BionX. Yes, this is a wooden electric bike!  Craig Calfee from California put together this extremely unique wooden e-bike, which has many features. The seat opens to provide a storage area where you can carry tools, and a pair of ax handles were used for the forks and old saw blades were used for the disc brake rotors.

Price: unknown