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Weighted Vest: 20lb PWV20


Power up your routine with our weighted vest! Easily add pounds of resistance to all of your exercises, with no added time.Achieve your fitness goal fast and quickly! This Weighted Vest allows you to increase hands-free exercise intensity relatively quickly during your normal workout owing to the resistance provided by the weight. This vest has weight distributed equally to ensure comfort throughout the workout. Kick up any physical activity, including walking, jogging, aerobics, squats and lunges, housework, and yard work. With adjustable Velcro straps, it gives you the secure and snug fit that you want, while providing you with range of motion that is a perfect fit for your body! Weights included.




The Weighted Vest maximizes comfort and mobility during workouts as it allows you to use weights safely without having to hold onto a free weight or dumbbell or barbell – you are the weight. This makes exercises more dynamic as you can move freely. It also makes your usual bodyweight workout harder, as the COREFX Weighted Vest adds resistance to the movements.


The COREFX Weighted Vest helps you improve your cardio conditioning and strength, giving you more power, speed, and agility in everything you do! As you work harder, your heart and lungs work harder, improving your conditioning.
The Weighted Vest also engages your core, which helps to improve your overall stability, as well as encourages a stronger musculoskeletal system. The greater total-body load from the weighted vest allows for your bones to become stronger and denser to handle the added weight.


First, make sure the weight vest fits correctly. Adjust the Velcro straps until it is comfortable. You don’t want the training vest too loose, so it moves around when you’re doing burpees or jumping jacks. However, you also don’t want it too tight.
Change the number and location of the individual metal weight packs on the vest until you have a lighter overall weight, we recommend starting with 10 pounds. It may not sound like much, but your muscles will definitely feel it. Then choose a bodyweight circuit that you can already do comfortably and try to complete your typical reps. Add the extra individual weight packs to your vest slowly, as the circuit becomes less challenging.


You can incorporate the Weighted Vest to any workout to add extra weight for your body-weight exercises, distance running, speed, walking, quick drills and agility.
COREFX is a fitness brand that helps you live the healthiest life possible with the available resources you have!
We do more than build equipment for your home gym and commercial fitness centers and we built a community that provides connectivity, support, and proven results.
We have simplified your workout routine without extending it! You now get your hands-free workout tool ASAP!


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