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6′ Advanced Toner


Stay advanced and get the best shape of your life with the Advanced Toner from COREFX!

The COREFX Advanced Toner is the latest innovation to improve your fitness. This piece of equipment will allow you to cut calories, burn fat, and tone muscles, all in the comfort of your home. The resistance toner is suitable for women and men of all fitness levels and is useful for improving your flexibility as well as strengthening muscles. In addition, the Advanced Toner is great for preventing injuries and assisting in injury rehabilitation.


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• POLYPROPYLENE SLEEVE AND PREMIUM RUBBER TUBE: Features a red polypropylene covering for extreme protection of the premium-grade resistance tube. Never worry about overstretching this product or fear it snapping while in use.

• INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH HANDLES: Strong and durable handles give you the best resistance tubing for safety, durability and function that meets the needs of any athlete.

• UNIQUE COLORED JUNCTION POINTS: Easily identify the resistance level of your bands from these color-coded protective junction points.

• COMBINE WITH OTHER EQUIPMENT: COREFX bands last longer than other bands when wrapped around fitness equipment or combined with other tubes thanks to the protective sleeve

• IDEAL FOR PHYSICAL THERAPY AND WORKOUT: Incorporating the Advanced Toner into your training is extremely effective at burning fat and increasing muscle strength, and can also help you increase flexibility, range of motion.

• COMBINABLE STRENGTH: The bands can be used alone or stacked in any combination of intensity 6’ Medium – 6’ Very Heavy.

We are a community of people who want to get into the shape they want. Because COREFX is more than just a brand.
COREFX is a community of family and friends who believe that nothing great was ever achieved alone. COREFX wants to become your workout buddy and help you reach your fitness goals for life!

So why wait? Grab yours and stay advanced with this Advanced Toner from COREFX!



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